Sunday, May 23, 2004

Back from packing

Well, my kitchen, bathrooms, and office are packed, now just my closet needs packing, but I'm just going to throw all my clothes in my car Tuesday night and bring them over.  Just the big stuff ready to move.  Three days and I'm there.  Keep praying for me guys.  I'm over checking on "Baby", she's got to run, going to take her out on the beach so she can swim.  Ms. Bette is coming over tonight, she's making pasta, and I've got some meatballs cooking in the crock pot.  And I've made a nice summer salad.  I love eating good on Sundays.   Mike is up in N.C.  for work so he's going to be missing some good eats.  I tried to make myself wake up this morning to go watch the sunset but I didn't make it to bed till the wee hours of the morning, so I slept late.  Can't wait till my first sunset at my new place!  Well I'm going to go hit the beach with "Baby"!


gbgoglo said...

You sound like you're in such a good place...I'm happy for you.  Your dinner sounds delicious!  Enjoy it all!

barbpinion said...

Well, my friend, take a second look around for me...and enjoy the day. Dinner sounds yummy.

aiibrat said...

mmmm, yummy!

Am glad that the packing seems to be moving along pretty smoothly.  -=)