Sunday, May 9, 2004

Happy Mother's day to all Mother's and mine

I saw this on and it reminded me very much of my mom.  I called her first thing this morning and woke her up telling her how much I love her, and after reading this I said "Your Beautiful".  She just laughed and said thank you.


You Are Beautiful

They are so beautiful. . .

It's a phrase that my mother uses a lot.

I used to wonder, "How in the world can Mama call them

I call things as I see them.
I didn't see beauty.

My mama would tell people this with an enthusiasm they
could feel.  She was genuine.  She wasn't telling them they
were beautiful to get something from them.  Most of the
time, they were trying to get something from her.

I wondered for years what was wrong with Mama's perception and
vision.  Couldn't she see that all of the people she called beautiful,
weren't beautiful?

You were beautiful only if you had a certain figure and face
that was classed as beautiful by the laws of the world and
glamour.  Yet when my mama spoke, people smiled as though
People magazine had listed them as one of the beautiful people
of the year.

It took me years to finally understand my mother's vision
and the phrase, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

My mama has a spirit that could see the beauty in a person.

Most only look on the outside and then compare what they
see with the standards the world has given them.

That was what I was doing.

Today when you leave your house, carefully look at the first
person whom you see and notice how beautiful they are.

They may be balding, fat, wrinkled, pimply, or any of the
other things the world frowns upon as beauty.

Look at them closely and look for the beauty.

If you really look, you'll see it.

I didn't believe that at first until I tried it.
Sure enough, as I stared and opened another set of eyes,
I was able to see the beauty in every person.
No matter how rough or worn a person looked,
each pain etched line held a glimpse of beauty.

You just had to look for the beauty.  It's there.

When you leave your home this morning, look hard at each
person.  You will start to see the beauty of every human who
you didn't know existed.  Trust meand try this.
If you sincerely look, you will see it.

When you get home after seeing the beauty in faces you see,
look in the mirror.

You are beautiful.

Thank you mama for all of the beauty that you have not only
seen, but added.

Happy Mother's Day!


barbpinion said...

Missed stopping by. I"ve gotten spoiled to reading what you write. I like the way you express yourself, like your subjects, love that you love the Lord. Guess I just plain like you. How about that?  lol  Your mothere is one terrific lady. Those two words reveal that she loves from her heart- not her head. Have a great evening. **Barb**

jojolona said...

ahh, this is so sweet!

lamove04 said...

hi Derek... Albert here. I just read through your journal. Did you change it from private to public? When I looked for it before, somehow I didn't find it.  Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I got out of reading it and seeing all the photos.  Your poetry is beautiful!  (guess this does relate to your entry on Mothers Day, lol) While I express spirituality differently (and probably lose sight of it too often) I respect the prime place it has in your life.

and a Survivor fan too!  What's your take on the Rob/Amber thing?
will check in again--