Saturday, May 8, 2004

Time to relax, been a busy day, packing up stuff, feels kind of strange.  There are some good memories in this place, I'm almost sad to be leaving.  But on to bigger and better things.  Been thinking of my true destiny today.   How do we manifest our destiny?  Our true destiny is control of all reality though the force of our imagination, with the power of our thoughts guided by the Light within our souls.  How many times have you fantasized about having the power of mind over matter.  The ego blocks so much of the positve sometimes, we allow ego desires to guide our existence, sometimes being ruled by the physical.  We need to see beyond this.  I fail to write sometimes if I'm not feeling in a positve light.  Guess when I can reject any self-centered feelings, I can get past it and try and write.  In my poetry sometimes I hide iedas and principles inside metaphors and stories in order to reveal universal truths for my reader bringing forth the powers of observation to see the truth.  Where am I going with all this,  maybe we have the power of mind over matter in the grasps of our own hands, the soul over the ego, the spirtual over the physical.  I'm not renouncing the physical world but trying to eliminate it's control over us, to be the true ruler of our own fate.  Everything becomes possible don't you think.  Whew I think I need to give my mind a break.    I'm ready for some company, I've been alone with all my thoughts too long.  :)

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