Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Well it looks like all the prayers have been answered.  The place I was talking about called me back.  Only a block from the beach.  They just need me to say the word.  I'm really happy and hopeful, and still very ready to get this move over so I can be at a starting place again.  Order out of chaos, who knows maybe i'm more close to the middle than the starting line again.  I feel like I'm playing mother may I.  Worked hard today,  BUSY!  I'm pretty tired.  So think I may just read a little and hit the hay.  I'm reading Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything"  I don't really have a scientific mind, but this book intrigues me and is lots of fun.  It's funny too.   Keep me in your prayers, I  havn't moved yet.


barbpinion said...

Yes, God did answer your prayers, didn't He? He is so dependable. I'm so happy your got called back. You are going to be sitting on top of the world before long, if you aren't already.  Hugs, **Barb**

gbgoglo said...

So now that God has answered your prayers what now?   The place sounds neat and very inviting.  Time to shift and evolve, maybe?  Whatever you decide, I hope it takes you on the road to your happiness.  Goodnight.