Sunday, May 23, 2004

Derek and the Watermelon Seed

Yes, I want to grasp what life is really all about.  I want to see the "big picture".  They always seem to include blessings that are hidden in the obstacles and challenges that confront us.  Does anyone remember seeing your first seed as a child.  When I was little the first seed I remember was a watermelon seed.  When I first saw it I was not sure what to make of it.  I was young and my papa showed them to me because we were about to plant a whole bunch of them in the ground.  Then I watched as they began to sprout, then the little fruit, that grew and grew.  Then there came the day to pick the heavy watermelon from the patch, we brougt it to Mema and Papa's, he put it in the freezer for a short while and said we would eat it later.  Then I bit into that wonderful fruit, and inside I saw all these seeds.  I immediately put the watermelon down, and Papa wanted to know what was wrong.  Well I had swalloled some seeds in my first bite and I told him with my eyes starting to get tears, "that I didn't want a watermelon growing in my stomach".  He laughed his hearty laugh, and told me I didn't have to worry about that, but to just spit the seeds out.  Seems everyone joked me about watermelon seeds after that.  Even my mom told me later that was how you get pregnant.  If I eat a white watermelon seed I'll have a little white baby, and if I eat a black watermelon seed I'll have a little black baby.  She said she ate a black and white one to have me, that's why I was so dark.  The funny things parents will tell children.  When I saw the seed I perceived the watermelon.   Isn't this how it all works.  It's so easy to get stuck in the details of life and to miss the big picture.  I know I've been guilty of actions without any regard to their future consequences.  I guess seeing the big picture means learning to become the creator of our own fulfillment: to realize that the Light is the source of all joy. and to settle for nothing less!  It means grasping the purpose behind a problem and the potential Light that awaits us when we confront our problems.

I really want to see the big picture.  I want to see the effect of all my actions.  I look back at all the chaos and crisis of my life and I wonder how much were just the effects of some of my actions, If I'm honest I'd say a large number of them.  I don't claim to have learned this lesson, but I sure hope I don't have to keep repeating it.


barbpinion said...

This is a wonderful entry. My first remembered seed was the same as yours and I heard the same humourous things about swallowing seeds. I try to see the ''big picture' too, realizing that the most precious blessings are midst the darkest moments of our lives. Can't say I've loved the trials in my life. Can say I learned the greatest things during those times. When I look back on the pages of my life I see that the chaos was, to a large degree, there because of actions I took, or didn't take. It pays to learn from a trial the first time around. *Barb*

gbgoglo said...

Cute about the watermelon seeds.  I, also, am with you on the seeing the big picture and the effect of my actions...I don't want to keep repeating lessons.  A good deal of the time I see the blessings in the course of the day.  And even when I'm despondent, I still see the many blessings that occur for which I'm thankful... and for all the misssed blessings, too.  I can't wait for you to take up residency in your new place.  I look forward to your first impressions once you're in and living there.  Take care, my young friend.

aiibrat said...

Parents are mean that way...for the longest time, I thought swallowing apple seed would result in an apple tree growing out of me! I was terrified to eat apples for years!!! -=)

The Big Picture is sometimes to see when the eyes are so close to the situation.  Sometimes, I try to take A LOT of steps back to truly objectively see the Big Picture.  I guess it's only part of the evolution of Self.  -=)

jojolona said...

You could have taken that story straight out of my childhood too! I think you are very right about our involvement in our ouwn chaos.  Some things aI have been through could have been prevented with a little more thought on my part too.