Thursday, May 20, 2004

Today's Hero

My dad was a pilot for some years, He was a flight instructor for years while I was a little boy.  I loved going up in the plane with him.  It was always a big thing when someone solo'd for the first time.  So my hero for today is Charles Lindburgh.  On this day in 1927 he took off from Long Island, New York, and began his historic solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.  His plane, Spirit of St. Louis, landed in Paris, France, 33 hours and 30 minutes after departing.  Upon his return to the U.S. Lindburgh instantly became a national hero, earing such nicknames as "Lucky Lindy" and "Lone Eagle".  Since I've been writing about journey's, this must have been one amazing journey.  Just a man and his dream!


barbpinion said...

And what a dream it was, Derek. People still talk about it.  *Barb*

gbgoglo said...

Amen to that!  Unfortunately, there was great tragedy in his life as well....both sides of the coin.  gloria