Thursday, May 20, 2004

Calling us out

I'm dogsitting tonight, so I've got use of the internet, it's nice catching up on everyone's journals.  Thanks Barb for the beautiful comments on my last entry.  I really enjoy that thought of each day being a blank page just waiting to be filled each day with whatever we chose to fill our days with.  I've been doing a lot of thinking about everything, about the history of our relationship with God, guess it's the story of how God calls us out, takes us on a journey and gives us our true name.  Once I used to think it was the story of how God sits on His throne waiting to whack us broadside when we step out of line.  Not so anymore.   I think he created us for adventure, battle and beauty; He created us for a unique place in His story, and He is commited to bringing us back to the original design.  I've also been thinking about some of my fears that I have about the journey I'm on.  Sometimes I let the fear take over.  Let it cloud my decisions, and not let me see the real me.   Guess there comes a time when you have to leave all that is familiar, and go on into the unknown with God, and just know you will be ok.  Trust him.  Guess He's calling me out huh?


Where is He calling you out?


barbpinion said...

I think you answered your own questions about the journey we're on. You said it so eloquently too. " I think he created us for adventure, battle, and beauty; He created us for a unique place in HIS story, and He is committed to bringing us back to the original design." That is truly what it is about. He calls us and if we're listening, really waiting for His voice, we'll not only hear it, but understand that which He is wanting us to do. Fear only has what power we give it. When it comes to being in the perfect place with the perfect person...**Being with God is it.**
He loves us because we are HIS. Awesome, isn't it, Derek? Thank you for another wonderful entry. Have a good evening. Bless You. * Barb*

gbgoglo said...

I wish I knew.  But sounds like you're just about there.