Saturday, May 1, 2004

What God sees when He see you is the real  you, the true you, the person He had in mind when He made us.  I've been asking God what He thinks of me today.  I'm still trying to find an answer.  Seems that ole devil likes to keep me from knowing sometimes.  It's really hard here at times, seems when I speak these words, things sometimes get harder.  Isn't that what the devil did with Jesus in the wilderness.  Well I know we are forgiven.  Our hearts are good.  No matter what I don't feel my father is condeming.  From that place we ask God to speak personally to us, to break the power of the lie that was delivered with our wound.  I'm still working on the wound it seems. I'm glad he knows my name.  What is your "name"? In other words, what does God think of you?  Have you asked him lately?

My new favorite singer, she's awesome.


barbpinion said...

What does God think of you today? He loves you and thinks you are doing a good job with life. He knows you are sorry for mistakes made and wishes you'd forget them as HE has. He likes that you speak about Him on your journal and as for the devil ? well he really likes to keep us down, my friend. I was really discouraged awhile back and wrote a story I called "The Devils' Favorite Tool." I entered it in one of my journals. I will copy it and e-mail it to you. God does know your name and I bet He smiles when he hears it too.  **Barb**

angeliquereder said...

Wow, I can really relate to what your saying.  I will check out the book, I love opening my mind to new things.