Friday, April 30, 2004

Meditation (Rain in the background)

My meditaion for today was to awaken remorse in my heart for prior misdeeds.  Accept the frank spiritual truth that problems in my life are the result of past actions.  Concentrate on Vav Hey Vav will now uproot the negative seeds you've already planted.  Well let me tell you it rained, it poured.  I love storms at the beach, i opened all the windows, and I laid down on my bed and got still.  Some of the wounds came back to me as I lay still.  Then this feeling of things I wish my dad had said to me, like "you are my son whom I love, I am well pleased with you".  I always wanted to hear those words.  Then in the quiet I asked God the same thing, but even though I didn't hear the words from him, I felt it.  I felt him telling me I am his son whom he loves, and he is pleased with me.  I meditated a bit longer.  You know the freshness that comes after the rain.  I feel like that right now.


gbgoglo said...

BIG AMEN!  I love rain at the beach also.  Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

jojolona said...

I am struggling with some things now to. And I am coming to realize that I am a human being, born of mistakes and misdeeds anyone looking for more should look to God.  Give yourself a big hug from me.