Thursday, April 29, 2004

It's a boy

I had written earlier, that my sister was having another baby, she found out this week it's going to be another boy.  I'm so happy for her.  Another little nephew, a little brother for Eli.  I'm very excited.  Today has been a little bit of a struggle for me.  Not exactly sure why, it just has.  Guess I've been thinking about wounds of the heart.  The story of Adam's fall comes to mind.  It's pretty  simple and straight to the point, almost mythinc in it's depth.  Guess we all come into the world set up for a loss of the heart.  Then comes the story I'm much more aware of, my own.  Where Adam's story seems simple and straightforward, mine seems more complex and detailed, many more characters are involved, and the plot is sometimes hard to follow.  But I guess the outcome is always the same.  A wound in the soul.  Wounds are rarely discussed, mine only with my therapist.   Guess we all carry wounds.  I realize many of them started with my father.  Funny I get here in my writing, but then I start saying it's not so bad.  Actually it really isn't.  Sometimes I guess we think of these wounds, but thank goodness we having a loving father in heaven to help lessen these wounds.  Guess i just need to give them to him.  I'm really enjoying "The 72 Names of God",  great meditaions in it.  I'm sure I'll write more about it later.   Question to all reading this.  Have ya'll spent much or any time considering your wounds?  What brought your wound to the surface, or do you know your wounds? 


gbgoglo said...

Congratulations on your becoming an uncle again...such great fun.  What you can't face, time has a way of revealing...usually in God's time.  We have wounds of the heart, wounds that reach the soul, and scars...all earned thru our lessons in life.  Most of us, I believe know our wounds but don't want to deal with them.  But sooner or later they surface to be dealt with.  I've learned not to put them off anymore.  Much easier on the heart and soul to take care of business as it happens or as soon after.  I celebrate your existence...gloria  

barbpinion said...

Things trigger my wounds but they don't sting quite as much as they used too. I don't give them too big a welcome mat any more. I do know my wounds and GOD is the one who enabled me to face them, work through them- then let go of them. I'm sorry your having a bit of a struggle today. It will pass, my brother. Nothing is destined to last forever...except GOD's love. I pray tomorrow will be a better day for you. I'm certain it will. You have a caring hear, are open to life and people and love GOD. You do not come across as a person who holds tightly to what hurts..but as one who hurts, works through it and chooses to move on. Bless you. Will keep you in prayer.  **Barb**

shareveal said...

He name shall be Ethan that beautiful or what? We will adore his just like we do our other nephew and niece. We really are blessed, Derek.