Thursday, April 22, 2004

Thoughts on Teardrop

I had a couple of people ask me about Teardrop, what form it was, what it means from my perspective, and how I even came up with the thought process of this poem.   I awoke from a dream the other night.  In the dream I saw a huge tear, who's it was I'm not sure.  I observed the tear, and inside I saw a new galaxy.  It wasn't a tear of sadness.  It was of life.  I saw myself in it.  I was happy and where I want to be.  So of course I woke up and wrote.  Writing first about the dream which ended up starting with Teardrop.  So first it was just about a dream, then the next morning after I was awake and much into the whole day.  I just focused more on a teardrop and what it does, and what it means, comparing it to feelings.  At first I wrote more of what a tear has meant for me over the years, but then the idea of the birth and life of a tear came to me, and it just kind of flowed.  I just  visualized the significance of a tear drop..all of the emotion and heart that is put into that tear as it leaves your body only to drip away into evaporation and nothingness..not a trace that it even existed.  I used free verse also to give it a pattern.  I use this mostly now in my poetry, because I can create almost like a picture with my words something I'm trying to express.  Thanks for all the kind words. 

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