Thursday, April 8, 2004


She came here to bless and be blessed.  When I first held her in my arms I felt a surge of thanksgiving for life.  As I gazed into her face of pure innocence. I realized what a creation of God's love she was.  I whisper word of encouragement, welcome to the world little Autumn, your life is a gift that has already blessed me and touched the lives of oothers, we all gave thanks for her arrival. 

All I can say is when my niece was born.  My brother's daugther.  Seems everything in life became a little clearer.  I realized how much my mother really loved me.  I don't think it was this crystal clear until I saw Autumn.  I wanted to protect her from all hurt.  Amazing to feel this way when I'm just an Uncle for the first time, must be magnified 1000 times when your actually the parent.  She has brought so much love and joy to all of us.  She has grown up so fast.  i can't believe she just turned four.  Here's the website I did for her if anyone's interested.

She's very independent, her own little lady.  Sherry is crazy about her.  And has been a major instrument in her upbringing.  I admire her very much for all she's done for Autumn.  Lance is a wonderful father, and Autumn just adores him.  She's got the a daddy she can laugh and have fun with, and he equally adores her.  I've really enjoyed being a part of her life.

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