Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Looking back at Home

Seems I've been doing some looking back.  Writing about my family, guess I've been thinking today at how it's changed over the years.  I wrote this poem about Home a couple years ago.


What is it? It's the shelter that keeps us warm.  The roof that keeps out the rain.  The carpet on the floors that keeps out the cold.  Oh, for me it's much more than that.  Home is where what is right, good, and kind. Home has changed a lot for me over the years.  Home is memories.  The laughs of my sisters and brother.  The smile and strenth of mama, the happy eyes of my dad.  Home was where I came back to after my first days of school and being bullied on the bus by this big ole girl.  I found comfort for all hurt there.  it's where our happiness was shared and our sadness was eased.  Money didn't seem so important back then.  Loving kindness was more important.  It's so natural for me to keep looking back and recalling all the happiness home gave me.  Home doesn't seem the same to me now but I know it's still there.  The memories are dear and I will always cherish them.  I wonder what's going on there now.  God bless my Home!

Now it's years later and I still think of home, I also think of my ever changing family.  My mom and dad have been divorced now for years, they've both remarried to wonderful people.  My family grows, I have a beautiful niece and nephew I'll tell you more about later.  I have another sister that I love dearly from my mom's marriage.  My sister Sherry is living in the home I grew up in.  I still feel pulled there every time I go home, it's still home to me.  I also have a brother-in law, and sister-in law.   This family is growing and changing.  Kind of beautiful.


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simplymeally said...

<<Home is where what is right, good, and kind.>>

That's a beautiful statement!