Wednesday, April 7, 2004

My brother Lance makes it a tie 2 blues, 2 browns

They say the best comes last, well 12 years after I was born the one of the best additions to our family was born.  Finally a brother.  Wish I still had all those letters I used to write to God, all the promises, if only I could have a brother.  I prayed "Let me have a healthy brother or sister, but please let it be a brother."  Well my prayers were answered.  I remember Lance was sick with yellow jaundice when he was born.  He had to lay under a lamp with little baby sunglasses.  it disappeared and he finally got to come home to us.  I remember the first time he smiled at me.  We all loved him so much.  He's always been such a sport and smart as a whip.  I only got six years at home with him.  I always wished I'd had more.  He was a little karate expert, I remember taking him to karate and picking him up so many times.  I'd have these little adventures with him and act like we were going to another place while driving home, he'd say Hawaii, then when we're almost home he'd get scared and cry and say he really wanted to go home.  He's  always been a very loving person, now he's a man, and I still think of him as that baby brother.  He's got this wit that everyone loves, and he makes me laugh.  He was a great baseball player.  Well I've told you about my memories of my brother and sister's.  Now we're all grown so I guess anything from here on will be more of what's going on with our lives now, I may fade back to memories every now and then too. 


simplymeally said...

I've always wanted more siblings. I begged my Mom so much & when I was about 7-8 years old I got an ephiphany, Dad could have the baby because his tummy was so big.  My Mom got a great laugh out of that one.  Dad was hella embarrassed.  That was a definite oops on my part. LOL

Sounds like your family is so close.  It's so sweet.

jojolona said...

there are two girls and two boys in my family also.  It has been fun watching your family grow up through pictures.

slb725dragon said...

This is a great Journal. Keep up the good work. I am from your Journal Keepers club.