Sunday, April 25, 2004

I'm Mr. Clean

Call me Mr. Clean! I always enjoy cleaning my place every week.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment.  For a moment at least, life is tidy and has meaning.  Sitting here now makes me think of my neighbor growing up, Mrs. Ellen.  Mrs. Ellen was a nurse and she always made you think of hygience.  Her house was always clean and tidy, you could probaly eat off her floor.  I guess the world has made a lot of progress.  Back in the days disease was an act of God.  Then someone figured out it was just human stupidity.  So we've been cleaning up our acts, so to speak, ever since.  Wash your hands, clothes, behind your ears, food, and CLEAN HOUSE! I wish someone could invent something to get it out of our minds.  A cup of SPARKLE that will lift the dirt from our lives, soften us when we're cold, protect our heart, stop us from going bald, improve our tan, and make us nice and good!  Dreaming again Derek!  By the way don't try laundry detergent, I got some in my mouth today.  It was awful.  But at least my tongue is clean now.  Well heading to opening of the beaches to meet my couisin, and then to Sunday Supper tonight with Mike and Bette.


barbpinion said...

Oh I loved the lines that followed after a cup of SPARKLE. Wouldn't that be great. I'm with you. Would love something to help clean up our minds. Great entry- as always. Enjoy your supper with Mike and Bette, Bless You. **Barb**

jojolona said...

I scrubbed the grout of my kitchen tile with a golf shoe cleaner brush today!

gbgoglo said...

Nice entry.  Actually your journal is very well done.  I like it.