Thursday, April 15, 2004

Without You

I wrote this a while back, I still go back to it a good bit, seemed to capture the feeling at the time.


By Deveil

The depth of this realm is simply too vast.
Once I tried to maneuver people.
Now I use that power to manipulate words.
Such will be me.
How bright will my light be?
How long will the aches of the past last?
I will go on and shine in doing so..
The respect that I show myself
G R O W I N G !
The good deeds that I do for others
G R O W I N G!
My dreams
G R O W I N G!

Why does one want what he can't have?
Is it the bite of denial that entices us?
I am strong in saying it was never just lust.
Why did you touch the beat of my heart?
I struggle to hold onto my grace...
While lying in the dark.
To forget would be the ultimate sin.
You were given to me...if only for a while
To aid in my to always remember your smile.
This is what's happening when I'm

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