Saturday, April 3, 2004

Mind Like a Hook

I went and visited my couisin Vicki and her girlfriend today, Vicki's nephew Jonathan was there for the weekend.  He was fishing in the lake you see behind them in the picture. He was trying to catch a "big one" as he said when I got there.  Vicki's grandmother and my grandmother were twins, so our family has been very close since we were little.  Fishing was always a big thing, our grandfather's were the best fishermen around, Our grandparents owned a lakehouse down in Steinhatchee, Florida and we spend many funfilled summers there.  I loved going out on the boat.  I've always been very close to Vicki.  When we were young we used to play Tarzan and Jane, she always played Tarzan and made me be Jane.  Anyway today was fun, and a beautiful day it was.  Not sure if I mentioned I was a poet too.  Today's fun fishing made me want to tie in two things, like fishing and writing a poem.


like a hook

at the end of a line

Dangling, beneath the water

Bait it- then



dart around

like silver minnows in a wave

sparkly in the sun


then gone

Catch one (if your lucky)

Quick- write it down

weigh it, clean it

Bait the hook again

Hope to catch the BIG ONE

Don't want to get hung up on the old tires or boots

Hey- got a bite

I think it's a big one.  


Got away!


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