Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Well it's the wee hours in the morning.  Had a good day yesterday.  Saw my old friend David.   It's always wonderful to catch up with friends.  I think back of all the people I've encountered in the past with whom I've shared days, months, or even years of joy with but now I no longer see.  I'm glad I was lucky enough to keep David in my life.   Back in my school days when I met David, 7th grade I think, maybe 8th I was the most insecure fellow on earth.  He is still as full of life as he was back in those days.  It was awesome catching up and talking about life.  Our conversation changed a bit from that we talked about years ago.  Guess we're older and hopefully getting wiser.  I thought his wife was going to be coming too.  I was really looking forward to meeting her.  But she didn't come.  I especially enjoyed watching and listening to him talk to her on the phone.  He's a good husband, I could tell just by the way he talks to her, and from the things he shared about her.  A wonderful man he has always been, and has become a even better man.  Friendships are golden as Jojo says.  I really feel blessed to have a good friend!  Well I'm sleepier than I thought.  I'll write more later for sure.


gbgoglo said...

It's neat to have friends that you share a history with.  Other than family, they are the only others that know so much about you.  And probably more so than family.
I'm glad you enjoyed your friend...yes, they are a blessing.  

barbpinion said...

How wonderful that your visit went so well. Your friend sounds like a terrific person. I'm quite sure he feels the same way about you. Have a great day. **Barb**