Friday, April 9, 2004


We use the word wonderful
so much, but sometimes,
it does not mean what it
should. Wonderful Eli,
You light up my life,
just being part of it..
You are a very Wonderful nephew!


My nephew who had been so anxiously awaited for was born with all of us there waiting to welcome him to the world.  My mind jogged back to when my sister first told us she was pregnant. We were all excited since this was going to be her first child.  Autumn has brought us so much happiness, but now we were about to find more happiness.   I envisioned a bright and chubby baby to spoil whenever I wanted. I traveled from Jacksonville when I heard Dena was in labor. I sang “Jesus loves me” the whole way there.  It all seemed so fast.  My first thought was why is his head shaped that way, I didn’t realize when they are first born, they have the long heads.  Aside from that he was beautiful.   When I first saw Eli, I again felt like God was talking to me.  Dena and Andy were so happy and proud.  I was so happy he would have two parents that loved him so much.  Eli has brought so much happiness in our lives too.  I love spending time with him, he’s such a happy little boy.  He too has grew so fast.  I’m looking forward to watch him grow.  I just wish I got to spend more time watching both my niece and nephew grow up.  I’m the only one that has moved away from the city and state I grew up in.

We all went to Disney World a couple weeks ago, I even got to babysit one night.  This little guy is a genious, he’s not even two and he’s already recognizing and saying the word dolphin.  He says my name very plain.  Bet he discover’s the cure for cancer.  Autumn and Eli mean the world to me, do I sound like a proud uncle?

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jojolona said...

what a beautiful family you have, each unique and equally lovely.  I am assuming the red haired man is Eli'd dad, love red haired men!  Eli looks like he belongs in movies.