Monday, April 26, 2004


I've been thinking today.  Nothing big, just life.  I'm 36 years old and I've always believed the greatest truth of all is to.... "BELIEVE".  In the last couple of month's I've been trying hard to do this very thing..  Changes, many of them I've been facing.  Many more coming my way.  My lease runs out May 31st, so I've got to be finding a new place.  Or decide to stay here.  No matter how hard we try we will never have all the answers.  We can wonder for the rest of our lives whether we are doing the right thing.  No one is ever going to answer these questions for us.  I've always been curious as to whats to come.  Time always helps.  But its up to us to go in the right direction.  I hope everyone is enjoying my journey.  I sure am. My wise old friend Dr. E, my college professor said "When all of life has been measured and sifted and simplified, we truly realize that nothing else matters as does love. I really believe that.  I could write for days about that subject, but I've only got 25,000 characters to work with.    Yesterday was fun, fun in the sun.  It was good seeing my couisins and some friends I havn't seen in years.  Tomorrow I'm going to see my best friend from high school, havn't seen him in like 15 years.  He and his wife came down for a funeral, his aunt died.  I can't wait to see him, he's the only friend that I've really kept up with from childhood.  It will be great seeing him and talking about old times. 



barbpinion said...

Enjoy visiting with your old friend and keep on beliveing. Like you I think BELIEF to be everything. Faith, as I tell my friends, is AN ACTION WORD.  Take care. God bless you. **Barb**

gbgoglo said...

I love coming by...I get such a good feeling about you and your journal.  I hope the changes you are facing will be for your good and well being.  I pray it be so.  From my heart to yours...gloria...Thanx for your message!

jojolona said...

old friends are gold.  we hope to be the silver in your life.