Thursday, April 15, 2004

The last couple of days

Well, i'm back, I had a wonderful Easter weekend, and the past couple also.  On Sunday's I have this thing with some friends of mine Mike and Betty.  It's our Sunday Supper Club.  One of us always cooks and we watch "The Soprano's" afterwards.  Well this Sunday some friends of Mike's came down from North Carolina.  Denise and her three kids.  Along with two extra.   She's a school teacher. One of her students father had died from lung cancer last week, so she brought him also.  We all had a fun time.  We boiled eggs and colored them, and had quite an Easter Egg hunt.  Brough back many happy memories.  I missed my family bunches.  This is the first Easter I didn't go home in like 3 years.  Anyway had a nice time, did the beach thing.  Took the kids to the zoo.  I enjoyed the feeling of family.  Miss my family a lot.

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onestrangecat said...

It is great that you have these friends that you get together with once a week.  You are making some great memories.