Saturday, April 17, 2004

Cleaning up

Well it's Saturday morning, and I'm cleaning!  It's a beautiful day out, and I'm ready to enjoy it. I've got my music going on .  Love my music when I clean. There's one thing that's been constant about all my journals if I take a look at them, I'm always cleaning up to make myself feel good, nothing like a clean house.  Does something for my soul.  Not sure what it is, it goes back a long time.  I love to organize.  Kind of feels like I'm organizing my life.  Funny something like this stirring my heart and making me feel alive today, but hey I'll take it.  I've watered all my plants, I love seeing things in bloom.  Just enjoying the day.  Well let me dance around a little more, i'm after dust bunnies.  Franz Ferdinand is on, good cleaning music, lol.

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jojolona said...

I feel the same way, do you think you could talk to my family!