Monday, April 5, 2004

My Mama

Well it's Monday, just got home from work, another beautiful day.  I started the ride from here to work, only an hour drive in traffic, by calling my Mom.    My mom has always been so proud of me.  I always remember how she made me feel when I was little, I would bring home a picture I'd drawn in school.  These pictures were never really works of art, but she always gave them a place of honor and , thtat made me feel important and loved...  In anything I've ever done, she always let me know that she was proud of me and that's given me a confidence in myself that I carry with me whereever I go.  Her support and encouragement has meant more than she'll ever know.  I'm so grateful for her and all the love she's given me.    She wrote me in a card once that whereever I go or do or think, that I an depend on her for complete and absolute understanding, support and love forever.  I love my mom, does that make me a mama's boy?


grnflame4u said...

Oh gosh no that does not make you a mama's boy! It shows you have a wonderful mother and your mother has a wonderful son. Your journal is quite inspriational, lots of good words.

simplymeally said...

I don't see anything wrong with being a Mama's boy.  It's adoration on both your parts & it's beautiful to see.