Thursday, April 15, 2004

My first whippon

When I was four years old I lived in a trailer park.  My next door trailer neighbor was my best friend and girlfriend, her name was Rhonda Sartain.  We were inseparable, one day we decided we wanted a swing-set like some of the other kids had in the trailer park.  We started saving nickels, pennies, and dimes and decided we were going to buy a swing-set.  Much to our mothers surprise when we got about .90 saved up we decided we must have enough.  We decided to take off on our adventure and walk to the place that sold swing-sets which was a long way off, all the way to the end of the dirt road that all the trailerfolks lived.  Up to the busy hard road, that had cars flying by at all hours of the day.  The store was on the other side of the busy hard road.  First we made our peanut butter sandwiches and then we took off on the long track.  We had never ventured out of our yards before.  Our moms had always told us that we couldn't but for some reason we wanted to surprise them all with our new swing-set that we were going to buy.  This was a long winding dirt road passing many trailers.  We saw some of the neighbor trailer kids that would sometime come by or we may go to their house for a birthday party or something.  But mostly Rhonda and I just stuck together not really venturing out.  We had walked once this dirt road with her brother Wayne, who sometimes their mom would tell to take us outside that she needed some peace and quiet.  We only had about two more trailers to pass and we would be at the busy hard road.   We had already decided that when we got to it we would have to run real fast to get to the other side, so the cars would stop and we wouldn't hold them up to long.  In the back of my head I heard someone screaming my name, I looked back to see my mother hollering, waving her arms and running.  Our first reaction was we had done something wrong, so we decided to take off running from her.  We were so close only two more trailers and we would be able to cross the road to get our swing-set.  I'm not sure but we must have stirred up quite a dust storm, just a couple more feet and our feet would hit the road.  I saw cars passing quickly by, I wondered how they would know to stop when we would run across the street.  Our bare feet just touching cement and two arms wrapped around our stomach's pulling us back, looking up into the mad woman's eyes there were tears streaming down, her black hair blowing from the big semi truck blowing its horn without us even giving them the signal.  I then looked into her eyes, and said "Its ok we were just going to buy a swing-set.  From that moment on my memory fails me, but I asked my mother and she said that I received my first real whipping that day.  I must have blocked that out. Anyone remember their first whippon?

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onestrangecat said...

You remember the best part of the story.  You don't need to remember the punishment part.  Thanks for sharing.