Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Brown eyes like me

Well a couple years after Sherry came into our lives, we were blessed again with another angel.  Dena; all I remember is how small she looked and she had brown eyes just like me.  Dena loved the outdoors, and animals; especially dogs and cats.  She was tough and had her share of broken bones.  I remember rocking her in the rocking chair as a bay.  She went through a tomboy stage.  She never cried when people got hurt on television, but let an animal get hurt and her eyes would ball up with tears.  Animal's loved her too.  She was always Nana's special little girl.  They were alike in many ways.  Dena makes everyone proud, she's like a little ray of sunshine everyone is drawn too.  She beautiful but it hasn't gone to her head.  She's easy to admire not only for her beauty , but also her inner beauty.  She has lots of faith.    I love my beautiful sisters..

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jojolona said...

another wonderful beautiful sister, wow!