Sunday, May 2, 2004

Happiness and friends

The last entry made me think of my friends in my life now.

I have absolutely the best friends of anyone that I
know. How do I know that? I don't, it's just what I feel.

I am happy with my friends Mike, Bette, Dave, Wendra, Michelle, Vicki, Linda and Yelchen.   Sure, we have snags, we all have faults, but overall I wouldn't trade them; I am happy.  We didn't have our Sunday night supper club this week.  Mike went to North Caralina to visit his family his Grandpa hasn't been doing well. Sure missed that tonight.  And Baby, Mike's yellow lab, the most wonderful creature in the world.  I love that dog.  I caught up with my friend Wendra this week, she moved a while back and is teaching college in Georgia.  Sure do miss her. 

"Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what
you have." That's a quote that I remember from a little
boy. It's true, very true.

Society doesn't gear us to want what we have.

Otherwise, we wouldn't buy the new and improved version.

We are made to feel as though we need something different
to be happy, something better.

Are there better friends out there than mine? Maybe.  Even if there were and I had them, would there then be a better one than that one? Probably.  There is always something better, fancier, faster, more powerful, and more expensive. Always. If not now, it's coming.   Computer programs keep us waiting for an upgrade.  An upgrade supposedly fixes all of the current bugs.  Often, the upgrade introduces new bugs.  We are in a constant state of trying to get something better and different. We are often trying to be someone different, even when the current us is pretty decent.

If you are not happy being you, then who else can you be?

I neither want to nor have the ability to trade places with anyone. I am happy with myself. With all life's faults, with all of my faults and my continuing struggle to
improve, I am happy.There are a lot of others who have more stuff. But there
aren't many who are happier with the stuff they do have.  I love my friends and am very happy with them.  That's the key. Are you happy with the stuff that you do have?

Are you happy with yourself?

You are you and that isn't going to change.

An old proverb says:

"Be what you is, not what you ain't,

'cause when you is what you ain't,

then you ain't what you is."


gbgoglo said...

Good enrtry!  Like you quote the one you remembered from your youth.  I like who I am with all its perfectly flawed parts.  Took me a long time to accept and like myself.  Would have gotten there sooner if I hadn't let others influence me.  Take care.

goldenchildnc said...

I too feel as though I have the very best friends in the whole world. Although they aggravate me at times I wouldn't trade a one of them for the world. And I feel incredibly blessed ot have so many that I connect with on so many levels. Great entry and I love your quotes as well. :-)

jojolona said...

sometimes i look back in sadness at friends i had that are gone now due to moving, changes in our lives and such, but i have come to realize life is change and nothing lasts forever.