Sunday, May 2, 2004

Thought in the wee hours

Things I've wanted from life for as long as I can remember.  Happiness, Joy, Prosperity, Peace of Mind, Wisdom, Freedom, Enlightenment, and Purpose.  I remember opening the bible not long ago, asking for some answers, I'm just going to open the bible and the first verse I find it will be there.  I wish I could remember the verse now but it was something about being children of the light.  How do we find that light, can it be restored in our lives.  I awake early to watch the sunrise, sunlight contains it all, there is a fullfillment I find in each waking morning as the sun comes.  I'm sitting here in the wee hours of darkness writing this.  Spiritual light shines.  It's something I've always strived for.  I've seen it in many eyes.  I want to see it in mine.  I tell you its hard sometimes.  You have to be strong against the robbers of light.  I'm going to stand strong.  I know that when we display emotions of anger, fear or any   reactive trait their power grows stronger and our lives can grow darker.  Kind of scary talking about this, because I know I've let reaction create some pretty negative forces for me in the past.  Do we ever learn from our mistakes.  Well I better go back to sleep so I can wake up and see the sunrise.  Life grows brighter each and every day.


barbpinion said...

I love watching the world wake up too, something awesome about seeing the sun returning from the other side of the world. Spiritual light? Wisdom is ours for the asking. That is awesome too. I'd not have conquered the negative things in my life without God's granting me portions of wisdom each day. Used to be that life & my emotions ruled me. Now God rules my heart, head, life- all that I am. Much easier living this way. Darkness and light cannot dwell in the same place, as we know. We do learn from our mistakes, and by the way, Every time I read an entry of yours I sense your love for God so **your light is shining, my friend. It is.*
Have a terrific day. God bless you. **Barb**

gbgoglo said...

I just caught up on your journal.  Found some interesting and good reading.  I enjoyed the entry you wrote on your relatives in particular your grandparents.  I like your poem.  I enjoyed reading about your Mema.  My grandaughter's other grandparents live in Tennessee and she refers to the as Mema and Papa.  I especially like what you shared in this entry about searching for answers and what you wrote about Spiritual light and how we allow ourselves to be robbed of this light.  Thank you for sharing all of this.  God bless and keep you.