Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Day 3

Well I would say I woke up on day 3, but I never got to sleep on night 2,  after everyone went to bed, this huge storm came up.  I got up while everyone was sleeping, and watched the most amazing electrical storm I’ve ever witnessed, since we were on top of the mountain of course it was eye level with me.  I would have taken pictures but had left the camera in the truck.   I watched it for almost two hours.  I about dozed off on the couch, and finally went to bed around 5:30 am.  Everyone was up by 8:00.  So I got up, all of us went into Helen, Georgia, where we were staying, and had an awesome lunch by the river going through Helen.  I loved this little German town.  Everything about it was fairytale, reminded me of Hansel and Gretel.  After lunch, Mike and I had an awesome walk through town for shopping, Sherry, mom, and Lance, had to go to Gainesville to get Lance something to wear for the wedding.  We found so many shops that we loved, and decided what all we wanted.  We told Dena and Andy we would watch the kids later so they could go out shopping, so the rest of the day was spent with three kids, ages 7months to 5 years.  Honestly this was one of the highlights to the trip.  I feel at ease with the kids.  Maybe because I’m just a kid at heart.  They were sweet.  I held Ethan most of the time, Mike fed him a bottle, and I fed him a bottle.  We took them out on the balcony and looked out into the sky, and I told them stories.  We all enjoyed a beautiful view.  Then Mike came back from a walk in the woods, with a walking stick, and we all took a walk.  Everyone was back home by 9:00 raring to go, except me.  The night of staying up late with no sleep, and babysitting had done it’s toll on me, I was out by 10:00.  I'll add pictures when I get home from work.


ksquester said...

How wonderful that you and Mike watched the kids! It does make you sleep well at   Anne

mumma4evr said...

want to watch my kides some time for me??? purty please???  lol

deabvt said...

Beautiful children!!

gabreaelinfo said...

What cute kids!

Take Care,


gbgoglo said...

Precious pictures make for precious memories!