Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Still Time I need some

I never realized how much I multitask until I was told today I couldn’t.  I had someone sitting with me today, that was measuring so to speak all my duties, and how long it took me to do everything.  She sat with a stopwatch, and every time I began a duty she timed me.  From the small and mundane to the long and drawn out.  But the one rule was you cannot multitask.  I was at a loss, because I realized this is what I do all day long.  The first 10 minutes were the hardest, because I was trying to take calls and read my emails and she grabbed my shirt and said, I told you you cannot multitask.  I realized I juggle all day from the time I get to work, till I leave, literally.  I guess many of us multitask, whoever you are.  The task of completing the mundane stuff of life usually falls in the laps of women I’m guessing-especially mothers.  My sister Dena was telling me some things she was doing raising two boys.  She’s queen of the multitasker.  So I guess women of the 21st century have all sorts of things in the air at once- from frying pans and strollers to appointment calendars and mortgage payments.  I guess this really goes for anyone.  It can all become quite overwhelming.  No wonder I have pains in my neck when I get home.  Actually after the day was over, and I had spend a day of not multitasking, and still getting my job done, I started rethinking some things.  Maybe I’m just overwhelming myself.  Society places a premium on those who can maintain a hectic schedule and get it all done.  So when we pause to sit, reading an email about Jesus or whatever, we are considered unproductive.  I don’t really know how much things have changed from years ago.  I think about my own family, and how my father didn’t help my mom much around the house.  She was always doing everything.  I don’t know if he even appreciated it.  I feel I’m jumping around a lot, I guess I’m just say maybe we don’t have to juggle so hard, but sometimes maybe we have to, I’m not a mother, but I can definitely respect all that a woman has to juggle, maybe because I grew up in a house full of women, and just saw it.  Funny I didn’t see it as well then as I can now.  Not sure if I’m getting everything I want to say through.  Many distractions going on today.  Many thoughts of the week to come.  I need some still time


eynl said...

This is very interesting.  I constantly multitask and only yesterday tried to just do one thing at a time and finish before I move on.  It was hard!  lol  But, I always thought that I had to multitask to survive!  

csandhollow said...

I think you said it well. We multitask ourselves to death! Yes I said death. Type A personality =bigtime multitasker=HEART ATTACK OR STROKE