Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My pinecomb

A friend of mine from work just got back from her hometown in Argentina, she was showing me pictures of the art, the building, the cities, she had been gone from there many years, and had gone home.  She talked about growing up there and how it had changed, so guess I’m not the only one thinking about change today.  On one of the things she brought back one was brochure like thing at a mall with Art, looked like a museum, and I saw something about a poet named Neruda.  So of course I do what I always do I put in a search for Pablo Neruda.  I’m a poet hound, especially poets from different countries, and their wording.   This guy actually won a Nobel prize.  Interesting for sure.  Then I found a biography, he said he was a sad, lonely, and unhappy child, with no siblings, and no friends.  One day he went investigating in his backyard of his home and discovered a hole in the fence surrounding the yard.  Suddenly a small hand reached out towards him from the other side of the fence.  Then just as suddenly the hand was gone.  On the ground was a small toy sheep.  Pablo ran inside the house and brought back the best thing he had-a pinecomb.  He set it down in the same place and ran off with his sheep.  That toy lamb became his most cherished possession.  He said that the exchange brough home to him a profound yet simple fact: To know that you are cared for by someone is one of life’s greatest gifts.  “This small and mysterious exchange of gifts remained inside of him, he said, “deep and indestructible.”  After I read this story about him,  I’m feeling like this is the feeling I’m talking about I have inside, the one that knows someone cares, and there is something greater than myself.  Makes me think of God’s gift to us.  His son that he sent to us.  Let me go get my pine cone.  Makes me think what am I giving back?   I woke up this morning in prayer or trance or something, I saw something, I can’t seem to remember, but it was beautiful.  Gold light shining making my face warm.  I want to give back more than I have.  Because I sure have received a lot


mumma4evr said...

beautiful story!!

judithheartsong said...

I have heard of Pablo Neruda but never heard this story. Pure Grace. You are a gift to me, my friend. judi

chrisuab said...

I had to read a lot of Neruda's poetry in Spanish Literature class.  (I was a Spanish major)  I really liked it, and I wrote 2 papers on him.  One about his wives (he had 3 or 4) and one about his houses (he had 3 or 4 houses also.)  He accomplished a lot during his lifetime.


toonguykc said...

I hope your partner appreciates you fully -- because you are a very solid human being with so much to offer this world!   Russ