Sunday, September 4, 2005

Answers to Cowboy

CowboyRobert ask me those three questions, since I got him in his journal.  Here they are.

1. When and how did you learn, please don't let me be the one to tell you, that a certain Jolly Elf (wears red, rides in a sleigh, eight tiny reindeer, north pole, chimney, scarfs up cookies, drops off presents, HO HO HO, and all that stuff) wasn't exactly Real? (for pity sake please don't read this to any children) funny you would ask this one, I was much older than most, I quesioned it in my head young, but thought that if I ever said I didn't believe that I wouldn't get anything for Christmas, when I was about in the 7th grade my mom finally said Derek you know there really isn't a .....  I was like does this mean I don't get any christmas presents, and she said you will still get Christmas presents, so I told her I knew. 

2. Do you believe in Destiny?  to a certain degree I believe in destiny, I also believe we still have choices in many matters, but some things I do believe are destiny.  That's a hard one, in some ways we create our own destiny.  I'll have to think about this one more so I'll answer the sub question.

3. Do you have a recurring dream?  I did have a recurring dream of a staircase, I'm climbing a winding staircase.  Nothing really happens I'm just climbing it.

Finally you may substitute the following question for any prior question if you wish.
alt. ? Do you know that the word Existence is misspelled? Sorry, but I had to ask.

I'm not really that picky.


The substitute question, because I think I've only had a few people comment on that one, yes I mispelled is on purpose.  It was a play on words. 


joolsinwa said...

my kids must be the only ones who never believed in Santa, we never went that route,  we never allowed it, LOL , we are sooo mean.
"his" meaning"His"?  the one and only?

toonguykc said...

I don't believe in dream analysis -- unless the dream keeps happening over and over again.  I think the staircase dream mirrors your spiritual growth.  You are climbing higher and getting closer to God.  It winds because the journey is not easy -- I gave up long ago, but I admire people who still strive for that connection.   You rock, Derek.


cowboyxxv said...

Oh my lands, now that you say it I see it. I always spell it that way and have to correct it. Good answers, wow 7th grade I think thats cool, I was mad when I found out.

rivercitygirl1 said...

Great answers Derek.  I was so sad when I found out about Santa, I mean crushed.  I have a recurring dream also.  I'm always wandering around alone in a huge 3 story white house.  Just walking from room to room.  Weird huh.