Saturday, September 17, 2005

Nice Saturday

Well the photo shoot went well.  I hope they are pleased.  I spent about an hour and a half shooting, and I really enjoyed it, I've got a little over 100 shots, that I'll be editing later.   I really enjoyed it, and I think my subjects did as well.  Only posting one right now, but may post more over at my Picture of the Day journal.  Mike and I cleaned house and have had a good day making up.  It feels so good to have a clean house. We went shopping, and he's making me some traditional German dish tonight.


barbpinion said...

Just beautiful, Derek. You take such gorgeous photos.
Hugs, love & prayers.

rap4143 said...

Very pretty photo!!!!! The lightening is wonderful.

jeroldssis said...

I like!  I like!  More please!  And start telling us which camera your using, film speed etc, if not a digital... (So I can copy you!)  just kidding!  


nightmaremom said...

Derek, this is wonderful!  You are doing a great job, now don't think anymore about whether you should or shouldn't........ DO IT!  :)

deabvt said...

Beautiful, Derek!

cowboyxxv said...

Do you mind my asking which Photo Program or Program's you use? I love the depth of field and the way you adjusted the hair.
I find myself getting lost in the detail and enjoying the feel of the image as well. Lovely, really lovely.

gabreaelinfo said...

Great job!


fisherkristina said...

Glad your photo shoot went well.


justaname4me2 said...

What a pretty photograph. I'm so glad you had fun at your photo shoot. Wouldn't it be divine to spend a life doing what you love and actually be able to pay the bills with it? I hope you continue on this path!