Thursday, September 8, 2005

My Rock

I got an email about my Rock Eagle entry, that I was worshipping another God by being a part of that culture.  Strangly enough, I don't feel compelled to respond with an email to them.  But the Lord is my Rock, and was my rock the day I kneeled there in prayer.  I did feel it was a place of sanctuary, and I didn't stand on the rocks, but stayed toward the bottom of the mound.  I thought of those who brought each stone and the God they prayed too, for all I know is the same God I pray too.  It turns out that we humans reason largely by our hearts and not by our heads.  Here in J-land, I find poets, artists, singers, storytelleres,writers, and more.  I think they all know what it means to use symbols and metophors that speak our hearts rather than our minds.  That like for me the term "a picture is worth a thousand words" is one of my favorite quotes.  I think this great bird was a symbol for them.  It may stay a mystery.  But they lived and they loved, and I felt great love standing and kneeling in front of these quartz stones in Eatonton, Georgia.  Looking at it in my mind I see the physical that conveys something so spiritual.  Just like with my photograph's or drawings I want to express a deeper thought.  I think Judi does that with her art.  It links the visible world to the invisible  realm of the Spirit, at least it does that for me.  Each of her paintings is left hanging in my mind-an image that evokes mystery, arouses my imagination, and deepens my understanding.  This is what truly makes her a true artist in my book. 

Art from Judith Heartsong

Now that I look at this I realize this was reactionary entry.  But oh well.  I feel better now.


gbgoglo said...

As a spirit being, you are connected to all there is and therefore will see the spiritual in all that you see or experience.  Besides, you know who you worship and so does HE!  Hugs, love, and prayers...

justaname4me2 said...

I can not resist. I've sat here and tried, but I'm sorry, can not. I must say, I'm sorry someone felt compelled to write you such an email. I have to believe that in todays society, whether you kneel in front of a rock, a church, a cross, a river, a mountain, anything of your choosing, it should never be met with the need to clarify. It's good you know what your rock is, it's good to know the neighbor has a rock to stand next too, and I myself have my own personal rock I stand near. I think, respect for everyone's rock is critical to the beautiful balance of humanity.

indigosunmoon said...

Oh Derek...I'm so glad you didn't let this
person get to you. Some people can be
so ignorant.  Anyone that knows you,
knows how spiritual and Christ like you
try to be.  There are so many spiritual things
in this world.  So many places...
I agree with the previous journaler. It doesn't
matter if you pray in front of a mountain,
or a tree or a rock!

mechants said...

The great thing about spirituality is that we can CHOOSE which path we want to take. Don't let anyone bring you down. As long as you are happy, then that is all that matters.

Great journal, I may stop by again!


tillysweetchops said...

So eloquently written Derek. I hope the person that sent the email reads this entry and now understands. If people didn't judge others over which God they worship so much, there would be less war in this world, and that's a fact.
Tilly x

judithheartsong said...

morning my friend. Thank you for your kind words.... and I think you needed to say this today. People can be so shallow and unwilling to bend. I respect your faith, and your ability to see God everywhere. Some people are so sure their way is the only way......... and that could not be further from the truth. My God is everywhere and in all things (and all people). Tolerance and respect and sanctity are taught in the bible as well. Very nice post.

gaboatman said...

I like your thought that "the God they prayed to, for all I know is the same God I pray to."  We each learn to worship in our own way and who is to say that we are not praying, in our own way, to the same God.  This was a very well thought out and written entry.  Thanks!

onemoretina said...

 I find it interesting that people can accuse others of worshipping "another God."  I mean, if our intention is to pray to the One Who IS, then aren't all our prayers, as unique and varied as they are, all going in the same direction?  Tina

ecori said...

I find people that live in darkness seem to need to attack those that live in light.  So... in that way of thinking, that they felt the need to send such an email is really only a statement of where they are coming from.  Ignoring darkness is the best thing to do.  
Peace,  Virginia

acyrlicstains said...

I dont really understand what is going on here but religion can be a huge debate turn into battle for anyone.  The lord is my shepard, is my rock, is my light, the lord is the way.  So which ever word you chose I am sure the Lord is satisfied.  They just wanted your attention, I am sure of that too!~