Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Last Summer Moments



I think of the last day in the pool with Autumn, Eli, and Ethan.  I still remember the first pool I bought for Autumn when she was a little baby.  Now there are three.  I have a feeling there will be more.  I pray there will be.  Welcome Autumn.  Still may have some pool parties in the Autumn though, it's still hot.



redpoppy007 said...

Those little boys resemble you..They look like great kids, cute as they can be.
Thanks for sharing.

nightmaremom said...

Great- Uncle Derek buying the pool........... can you be my Uncle too?  :)  ROFL

mosie1944 said...

Lovely children.  And you're not so bad-looking yourself.

rivercitygirl1 said...

Derek, you are so great with kids.  You will be an awesome dad one day.  I can tell there is a lot of love in your heart.

justaname4me2 said...

Oh wow, what gorgeous children and pictures!! Thats the kind of days memories live for.
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful thing with all of us.

tillysweetchops said...

Ah, happy days! What could be better, a cooling pool to splash in, a tube of Pringles to fight over and everybody's favourite uncle to play with! Just bliss!!
Tilly x