Wednesday, September 7, 2005


  "Where is this love?  I can't see it, I can't touch it, I can't feel it.  I can hear it.  I can hear some words, but I can't do anything with your easy words."   Natalie Portman from Closer  

  Ok folks I watched another one of those as Mike put's it, "You like watching those mess with your head kind of movies".  Actually I do and have been thinking about this movie today.  Although it was sad and disturbing to me in some ways.  It hit home and was very beautiful in others.  The movie as you see from the picture is Closer.  It reminds me of a play I once did called "Hold Me", where basically we are all just trying to hold someone and be closer to them.  This had my mind going on different levels today, one from learning from my own life and the different places I've been in my own relationships past and present.   So in this way I related because it is about people trying to be closer to each other, to be closer to something they each value in life, to be closer to a truth that maybe one of them ever will be.  Intimacy of being compassionate human beings.  That's a kind of what they are or unconsciousely trying to attain.  Although each of these characters have some big flaws.  I mean big ones, but we all have our baggage don't we.  That we bring with us.  My favorite character was the one Natalie Portman played, I've always like her and Julia Roberts.  But her character I relate to the most, she shows up on the streets in London from New York with just her bags and her personality, she has a past, and she recreates herself and makes up her whole new world, she's very honest with her feelings, which is what keeps her special to me or different from the other three characters. She's lying about her persona, but she's the most direct honest person in the movie. It's about morals and conscience,it looks at how people have relationships with each other and how they sometimes get lost in them that they are sometimes insensitive to the other persons feelings.  I'm in love now I can be irrational.  I've actually thought that before, and I've definitely been irrational before.  I'm still trying to be the best, and learn new things from day to day who I am.  I'm still forgiving myself for past.  I have many more thoughts, but guess I will save it for later.  Mainly thought of how I didn't love myself in the past, and how I'm trying my best now to make up for it.  Do I recommend this movie.  Hmm, it's not for everyone, if your the thinking type sure.  It's a bit disturbing and has it's vulgarities as well.  But I loved it for all the emotion in brought up in me.  The quote I put at the top got me the most, because I think I got something that I just didn't get.  I'll try and explain it more later.  


justaname4me2 said...

I haven't seen this movie, but certainly will the next time I'm at the video store. Intimacy is something, I've attempted to open my doors up and be receptive too. I believe humanity on the whole, is completely and totally searching for such levels of understanding/intimacy. Finding it, or being open too it, now thats the trick I'm looking for:o)

indigosunmoon said...

Very strange movie...but I liked it a lot!!!

onemoretina said...

Derek ... I love this quote, too, because it exposes so much.  Tina

rivercitygirl1 said...

Hi Derek  ::waving::
Everytime I'm in Blockbuster I pass this movie by.  Next time I will pick it up.  

tillysweetchops said...

Sounds like an interesting movie. Any story that provokes such deep thought has got to be worth 90 minutes of viewing time.  Don't think this movie's come out over here but I'm intrigued already. I can always find a place for this type of movie.
Tilly x