Wednesday, September 7, 2005

End of Summer Poem for "Poetry Dance"

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 by Derek  

Must you leave us so quickly?

Like the reality of a dream you filled  

Endless days splashing in the beach

Like sunrise to sunset

Just as permanently and just as quickly

As you came, you leave

And we? We are left with the dream of the reality of Autumn.


joolsinwa said...

nice, I skipped mine, lOL , too afraid!

gdireneoe said...

I love how you tie this in!  Very clever. ;)  C.

gbgoglo said...

Well done, Derek!

sierrajazz said...

I can't think of summer without thinking of the beach... and I liked how you mentioned the dream of I like the beauty of that season too.  Good luck with the Poetry challenge.  This has been fun participating and enjoying all the talent others have shared.

deabvt said...

Sorry, I`ve been sick for 2 weeks. I`ll be back more often.

inafrnz247 said...

Excellent!  Good luck in the challenge!

tillysweetchops said...

What lovely words and images Derek. Aren't we fickle though; no sooner do we wipe our tears as we wave goodbye to Summer, we are falling head-over-heels in love with Autumn and it's passionate colours and cosy nights! Good luck with your excellent entry.
Tilly x

onestrangecat said...

lovely poem.
great picture too.