Saturday, September 3, 2005

Jounal Jar #1

I've decided to play along the Jounal Jar thing that I saw Tilly doing over at

she looks so beautiful with that pink rose.



Describe your first job. What did it pay? What were your duties? What was your Boss like?


My first job getting paid was the summer of 1976, one of the last years my dad helped farm.  My job picking tomatoes.  Yes it was a hard job, but my cousin J and I had decided to do it, actually my father decided it for me.  We carried bags and gently placed the hard green tomatoes in the bags, as they got full we placed them in wood crates.  I really don't remember how much the pay was but I do know it was by the pounds of tomatoes you picked. On each box you would put your name, and at the end of the day they would weigh you boxes, and pay you according.  I think I made the lowest wage, but then again I was probably the youngest person out there.  But that money was a surprise that summer, it was the first time I got paid for working, except for my 1.00 every time I mowed the grass.  My boss was my Papa and my dad.  Papa was a good boss.  Maybe because he loved me so.  My dad was a grumpy boss, I remember once he was bent over and my cousin J threw as hard as he could a tomatoe and it hit him right in the ass.  He got so mad and turned aroundand slung one and instead of hitting him, it hit me right across the face, leaving me in tears running to Mema's house, that day at lunch my dad got a good thrashing from Mema from the mouth.  For some reason that made me feel good, although some off the things coming out of Mema's mouth weren't so pretty.  They were words I would get a spanking for if I said them.   Actually later I was glad I got hit by the tomatoe, because Mema babied me the whole rest of the day and I got to stay in the cool airconditioned house.  This story brings back many memories.  Like of the farmer's market.  I'll have to make a note to write more on that later.


hscsusiq said...

Neat story.  Thanks, Susi,

joolsinwa said...

aaaaawwww poor wittle Derek,

jouell3935 said...

WOW!!!!!!!! I really love your journal....Sorry it has taken me sooo long to get over here...its feast of famine in my world, not enough to do {okay..thats a lie...I just dont want to do} or everything snowballs at once...Sigh...that said..I made it!
So I have to pose the same rhetorical question back to you...How could I have missed your journal and Sherry's and your mom's??? Well I am glad you popped over! I shall return!

onestrangecat said...

picking tomatoes sounds like a hard job.