Sunday, September 4, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

It's Sunday night and I'm thinking wow, I don't have to go to work tomorrow, I'm so happy about that.  Last night we went to a Labor Day party over at Mike's, we all had a really good time, although my Mike did have to leave early to pick up our friend Turk from the ER.  I had fun, but it was kind of diffrent after Mike left, I still had fun, just felt strange not having him by my side.  My friend Scott came down from Atlanta and it was really good to see him, I never really feel like we get to talk like we used to, but it was still wonderful seeing him.  He looks the best I've ever seen him.  Was nice being with friends.  Turk is doing better and Mike picked him up from the ER, he spent some time helping him today, and I went over there for a while.  Now it's evening, and I feel rested, I've slept a lot this weekend.  I'm hoping for a restful tomorrow as well.


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gdireneoe said...

Derek, we have been so horridly LAZY!  And it's been wonderful...LOL. ;)  C.