Thursday, September 1, 2005

Boiled Peanuts

My mom's entry last night was just beautiful to me, just picturing her as a little girl selling boiled peanuts.  I remember peanuts myself, but nothing like my mom, she was a much harder worker than I was, but I remember those endless rows of peanuts and picking weeds from each row.  I even remember planting, and plowing, and all the stuff that you do to make peanuts.   I remember my dad not being able to keep going if he saw a boiled peanuts stand on  the side of the road when we took a trip.  He had to stop, no way around it.  I'm still not crazy about boiled peanuts.  I like them almost anyway but boiled.


joolsinwa said...

Definately a "Southern thang", this Northern gal don't understand LOL

justaname4me2 said...

Ummm, I don't think I've ever had a boiled peanut, or heard of such a thing for that matter. I'm an Idaho gal, so if you want to talk potatoes, well, I know those things :o)

tillysweetchops said...

Now this is serendipity! Boiled peanuts have been on my mind a lot lately. Not that I'd ever even heard of one before one of my "Southern" J-land friends literally planted the image and taste of them in my head recently! She made them sound so delicious almost like a food of the Gods. But then, maybe I'm just struggling with this weight-loss thing and my salivary glands took her description and blew it out of all proportion. Actually, now I've seen the picture, I'm beginning to think they might be an acquired taste after all. So thanks Derek, for ending my mini obsession.
Tilly x

lacaza3 said...

I love boiled peanuts I buy them at the supermarket...yummy
Donna In TEXAS