Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tunnels, Tunnels

Today the sermon was "Tunnels, Tunnels", Linda and Susan went on a wonderful vacation and while in Portland went through as the engineer said "they will be going through 23 tunnels.  Linda said she didn't like tunnels.  It was a wonderful sermon that spoke to my heart. I know we all can feel like we are there at times in our lives, as she stated some of them:  losing a job, relationship problems, death, diagnosis of something that you know will take you in a tunnel.   I've been there and wondered why am I feeling like this?  Like I am in a tunnel and can't find my way out of the darkness.  The darkness overcomes me. But why does it take
me so long to see the exit is so close to me. Sometimes I feel like I put the blindfold over my eyes, it's just so confusing and I can't get rid of it. But all we have to do is rip it off, know the feeling of the tunnel, but always knowing there is light on the other side. Sometimes everything is so dark in that tunnel. When I'm there I always seem to hear a voice from somewhere or nowhere.  Just keep on going, reach forward, you may not see it yet but you will, keep going.  Give me your hand, take a step forward..." -"Trust me, I will show you the way."
That's it! That's what I should do.
I can feel it now.
I trust you, I believe in you.
I can see the light.
  I can make things happen for myself, I've just got to keep moving forward. I kept feeling this all day, as we went to the Riverside art festival after church and lunch.  I was like I could have a tent out here.    I can do this.  So I'm setting a goal, I'm looking to the light in the tunnel.  I want to get there.

Here's a picture I took of Mike as we were leaving the arts festival up in a tree.


indigosunmoon said...

Would have loved to hear that sermon!
Great picture of Mike!

tillysweetchops said...

That is such an eerie tunnel picture, frightening but a route towards the light and renewed hope. Mike looks cute up that tree!
Tilly x