Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Answers to Ask me Anything

Well I have nine questions from my "Ask Me Anything" entry.  So I thought I better get started.     My buddy Julie was my first three questions.   JULIE 
  1.)how long have you been a Christian?
2.) How tall are you?
3.) Who's your favorite J-lander?( your mom and sis excluded)
  1.)  I've been a Christian since March 11, 1980, I remember it like it was yesterday, I always sat with my family in church, Sunday morning and nights, but this particular night, I sat by myself on a pew by myself. I'm not sure why.  All I know is that night was one of my most spiritual moments I remember.  I remember feeling a calling something telling me to come up front, I told the voice in my head I couldn't make it to the front.  I listened and the voice said if you can stand up I will get you there.   I remember standing up.  I still don't remember walking, I remember being up front with tears in my eyes and telling my pastor that I knew Jesus had died for my sins, and I wanted forgiveness of my sins and wanted him as my savior.  Tears flooded, and I just let them flow.  This  was the day I was reborn.  2.) I'm 6foot4inches 3.) There are so many, but you asked for one and my favorite J-lander.  That person is Judith Heartsong, she was the first AOL blogger that I opened up too.  We both started our Aol blogs April of 2004.  Her journal touched me in many ways, my heartstrings.  I felt connected. I don't think I started by comments on her journal, I emailed her directly and she was there for me and everything I was going through.  I don't even know if she knows it too this day what a dark and lonely place I was when I started this whole Aol blog thing.  She was a survivor, just like me, not a victim, she was a healer, and I felt a healing going on when I read her journal.  I began my own healing.  Her journal is still to this day a inspiration to me.  She will always be special for me, and have a special place in my heart.   Ok, need a rest now, hopefully I will finish this tomorrow, if not I will finish it by Friday.


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my love to you my dear friend..... I am most honored and glad that you are in my life. judi