Monday, August 22, 2005

More thoughts


Still thinking, and I promise this will be my last entry, this week at least on Six Feet Under.  Many people liked this show I'm sure or it wouldn't have been on for five seasons.  The last episode answered many questions but it also left you guessing some things.  Like I said Claire was blind, and when I was talking to my sister she said she didn't really think she was blind.  Everyone can have their own interpretation.  With most series there is a cliffhanger so to speak that we never resolve-until we experience it ourselves.   I think sommething about these five seasons of watching in sadness and so many other emotions.  For me I think of those I have lost and of their new exhistence.  My heart aches to know wht they are doing or where they are.  I know they are in Heaven.  But for now, there is still a thin veil that separates us from our loved ones and we cannot see behind it.  I don't think I even know or can comprehend how great Heaven is.  We do have a few clues about this though.  I love family reunions, in my truth I know He is planning a glorious reunion one day, that's when the rejoicing will truly begin.  I believe every story does have a happy ending.  

Can't you see Nate singing Celebrate!




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joolsinwa said...

While I have no clue on the show you mention( I don't watch tv) , I do understand your thoughts on His returning, don't you get the sense that it really is close at hand?
I know He will come like a thief in the night and no one knows when , but with the state of our world, I just feel it is soo very soon.
I look forward to many things , one is seeing my grandparents again and so many of my friends folks who have passed on, and I  will walk again! And use my left arm again! And I will get to see many people who I know but have never met  in person. People who are dear to me for many reasons and  who share the same faith in God . I think the most glorious sunny day on earth will seem like gloom compared to Heaven! Our  most glorious happy moment, will seem sad compared to being before the King.
I'm humming "Soon and very Soon we are going to see the King"
Thank you hun! (for planting the thought on my head)