Tuesday, August 30, 2005


About 5 years ago, I was in the process of painting one of the bedrooms in the house I was renting.  It was a cute little house, but had a lot of work that needed to be done.  I remember the room and those four walls.  I completed the project but not without a great deal of difficulty.  I started off precise, putting my tape down low and up high, and having my tarp down so I wouldn’t make a mess.  But about the third wall somewhere I thought I can do this without the tape, and I just kind of put the tarp halfway on the floor.  The two walls looked great, the other two walls looked a mess.  So I would call this a half done job even though I finished it.  I still marvel at those people I see on those tv shows that can make things fit without measuring and remeasuring again and again.  I tip my hat to all those good natured folks who do those tedious jobs, that just drive me nutty.  My Papa used to say when I was little, Derek when you grow up whatever you do, do it heartily.  Maybe I misunderstood him and thought he said hardly do it.  I want to do better.  Our photo word on the Round Robin Challenge tomorrow is Labor, I’m guessing because of Labor Day of next week.   So I guess I must be thinking about it today.  I like the saying,  “It’s not the hours you put in that count, but what you put in those hours.”  Just like those four walls, I was talking about, I think those four walls were much like my personality at the time.  I start off wishing to do well, but somewhere towards the end, I get a little lazy, and don’t work quite as hard.  I want to be a hard worker.  Like Papa said I want to do it heartily. 

I’m at work while I write this, it’s pouring rain outside, and I’m thinking they should have naptime at work like they did when we were little.    “See what I mean"


joolsinwa said...

I used to nap at work, the ladies lounge had a sofa in it and I could be found sacked out after lunch everday , lol , someone would have to come wake me up to get me back to work.
sleep is everything!!!!!

illini1991 said...

Greetings, Derek!

I know exactly how you feel. Unfortunately, I think I've become a perfectionist about almost EVERYTHING that I do, which it, in and of itself, can be quite cumbersome. I always try to plan for at least a day of just taping and prepping. The one thing that I must remember is to start on time to do the taping, or else the taping job goes by the wayside, as in your "fourth wall." I, too, marvel at how the DIY programs show you how easy everything is. But then I say to myself, "Was that on their first take, or did they take many "takes" until it came out right?"

I wish we could have some of that "pouring rain" you're speaking of. But I guess in comparison to what the people of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama have gone through with Hurricane Katrina, I should be glad that we haven't been hit by any major storms here in Chicagoland. And speaking of Labor Day, there will be a lot of labor going on down there for the next few weeks, months and possibly even years.


kissthisalilbit said...

I want to do better also... I will think of all the ways to improve... **AFTER MY NAP** :-)

cubbycub said...

Goodness I sure could use a nap at work each day..do we get a snack before or after?

rivercitygirl1 said...

You're lucky to be able to journal at work.  Blue Cross tend frown on things like that.  LOL  As for napping at work, I had one today.  At least that all employee meeting came in handy for something.  ;)

rerequalsme said...

Derek, this so much like we talked about over the weekend. I also love the phrase, "don't count the time, make the time count."  Remember I worked in a prison, this was our favorite phrase. I think it's all about...make everything count. We should all learn to love every single second of what we are doing.
It's not only about the end product; it's about every little second of what we do to get there. Life's too short to focus so much on the first number and the last dash, we have to focus on the dash.