Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Still answering questions


Laura  My favorite nurse and just all around wonderful person.  Had these three questions for me.  Let's all remember Laura in your prayers, and for her mom.  Prayers going out to you and all those people that have been affected by this disaster.   

  1. if you could have a "do-over" of any time in your life what would it be?  A time years ago when I went against myself, meaning I had one of those real Adam and Eve moments where I did something I knew was wrong, and I lost my Eden at that time.
2. what is your favorite pizza topping?  Cheese, cheese, and more cheese.
3. you are given one day, from sun rise to sunset where all your heart's desires are granted. Describe the highlights of this day.   This is one of the hardest ones.  It would be in the mountains of Washington.  Waking up to the sunrise of beautiful Mt. Rainer, from camping out in the woods,  an wonderful breakfast in Seattle,  then head south on the coastline through mountains, and Ocean.  Stopping at some cozy little oceanside town for a nice lunch somewhere in Oregon.  Drive the coastline till sunset stopping and just soaking it in.  I guess I'm easy.  But it does sound good to me.  Topped of with a romatic wine with Mike and some beautiful city in California.
Thanks, Derek!
  Many blessings and prayers going out to you Laura


joolsinwa said...

only if  you come visit me!!!

nicurnmama said...

thank you so much for your prayers. So many are covering this with prayer and I feeling more at I turned off CNN.
I LOVE Mt Rainier! We always managed to get up there when we would visit my Dad and his (now ex) wife. What a beautiful day you shared.
Thanks and hugs, Derek. You are beautiful!

rivercitygirl1 said...

These are some great answers.  I'm a romantic myself.  Your third answer is the best.  Nothing screams romance like being with the one you love spending a entire day enjoying each other.  My favourite, the coastline drive till sunset.  Just you and him and the stars above.  ::sigh::