Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More answers

Cubby   Here are his comments:   It's scary but I am doing it too..so here goes my questions for you:

1.) Do you ever feel, at anytime, that God or your religion is not enough for you?

2.) Who most inspires you?

3.) What is the most annoying thing,your other half does that just makes you want to jump out the window?

1.) There is never a time anytime that God is not enough for me.  Now you mention religion.  Sometimes I question religion.  I consider myself a Christian, I also find myself more of a spiritual nature, I wouldn't consider myself religious.   Maybe I'm being vague, if you have more to ask, I'll try and be more specific.
2.)  My mother most inspires me, she always has, her unconditional love that she has shown me, her love of family, how hard she has worked her entire life, and all she has given for us.  Sometimes I wonder what makes her truly happy?  She would say her children and grandchildren,but I mean what truly makes her heart happy.   Also all the beautiful blogs online that I read. 3.) Well, he gets rather gassy at times.  And laughs about it.   This is kind of fun

Janacassie asks   Are you happy?
What are  your hobbies?
How is your home decorated?
  Yes, happy is one of my emotions.  At this moment as I write I am happy. I enjoy drawing, photography, writing poetry, short stories, blogging, genealogy, swimming,jogging, and collecting comics. It is decorated with a collection of Mike and Derek,  at present time we are trying to get rid of much, because we feel cramped.  I have a beautiful huge kitchen table that takes up much of the living room. There are pictures everywhere of family, so we are surrounded by family.  Comfy couches in blue's and hunter greens, wood floors, old clawfoot tubs, and a huge lumberjack bed.  A little more clutter than I'm used too,but we are getting there day by day.  The lighting is soft, there is a area where we are usually doing crafts of some sort. The kitchen is our cleanhaven and stays clean the most.  We have plants and nicknacks on the shelves. 


joolsinwa said...

didn't you find this little excercise fun?? I sure did.

rivercitygirl1 said...

Ahh....Wood floors and claw foot tubs.  I would die for a claw foot tub.  :)

cubbycub said...

Good answers my friend..very good...Now I want a claw foot tub.