Monday, August 29, 2005

My Poetry Dance bio :)


Sensitive, caring, daring, and bold
Son of a mother who would cuddle and hold

He’s a visionary, artist, with stories to be told
Lover of music, photography, and movies of old
Who fears fear, change, and people who are cold

Who needs love, and support, and Michael to hold
Who gives validation, huge bearhugs and arms that enfold
Who would like the best for his family and friends, no suffering on the planet, and a cure for the common cold.

Resident of Earth with its beauty to behold


That is a Bio-poem for the Grand Opening of Poetry Dance © . Brought to us by two wonderful writers/poets in our community.  Dawn of  Web Of Dreams   and Spencer of  Spencer's Place  have come together to provide a centralized place to for poetry writing. I've read what they have put together so far, and I see wonderful things coming from  Poetry Dance ©  . What? Your still reading this?

You haven't clicked the link to get the special recipe so that you can create a Bio-poem? Well,.........what are you waiting for? Oh, you need me to stop typing? Ok, fine, I'm done, going, I'm over at   Poetry Dance ©  .



joolsinwa said...

wonderful,I didn't  get it enough to do mine , LOL
maybe cause I am sooo blaaah,  LOL

auburndawn said...

Wow Derek! Such a touching and open poem, and it rhymes too!  How'd you manage that!  LOL...  you're creative, I couldn't have done it.  :)  So glad you came by, andjoined in the dance :)


nightmaremom said...

Awesome!  You are so elegant when writing and sharing your pictures!  Pat yourself on the back.  I may try this a bit later :)  I've been so busy playing around......

rivercitygirl1 said...

Wow, this is a great entry.  Very open and honest.  I think I'll mosie on over give one a try.

acyrlicstains said...

hi Derek,'
Love how you made it a poem!  
Renee' at