Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A few more

Nightmaremom asks   1.  Name one thing you want/need to do this year.  Finish my photography website and start the business on the side
2.  Name the craziest thing you've ever done. I bungeed jumped over the Ocean in Cancun after I had been out on a booze cruise.
3.  If you could go back to any age, what would it be?  I would love to go back and relive times with my grandparents, but my memories are full.  So  I am fine not going back.  Although if I knew what I know now, it would be an adventure.

 My new friend and fellow bloggger  Chris  asks   1) What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?  Two things come to mind one was the time my pants split singing at the Crystal Pistol in Six Flags during my solo, and the time I was a teenager and had flybacks that I sprayed with a wheat germ hairspray, I went in the grocerystore and thought I had grabbed the hairspray, but it was a women's Massengill bottle.  The lady at the counter asked me was I sure I need this being funny, which I replied, yes I use it all the time on my hair, then came hysterical laughter from her, she pulled about three ladies over and she pointed to the word that told me what it actually was.  I was so embarrassed I ran out of the grocery store and never went back.  
2) Who in your life have you hurt more than anyone?  (I know, tough one to answer) It's actually easy, myself. 

3) What's the weirdest or strangest job you've ever had? (Or different, anyway)  I've had a lot.  When I was in college I drove a forklift and put bins of pecans in a freezer, it was so cold my hair would freeze. 
I worked at a waterpark as a lifeguard and ran the waterrides,  and this one I'm not proud of when I was also in college, I usedto go around and be in amateur strip contests to make some extra money.

Well I only have a few more, I'm tired, will save those till tomorrow.


joolsinwa said...

hmmm "stripping" huh, interesting indeed, LOL

cubbycub said...

OK..now we know who the "Lone Ranger" in the Chippendales was!!!!

tillysweetchops said...

Hi there Derek - Nice to meet you! I always get very excited when I find a journal I like and guess what?.... I'm excited!! I'm going to come back soon and catch up with some of your back entries! BTW Thanks for visiting me.
Tilly xx