Saturday, August 20, 2005

Late birthday wish

David I always seem to forget his birthday. It was Aug 5, Dave has been my bud for the longest of anyone besides my family.  He's a great guy.  Many good memories.  He sent me this picture of us back when we grew our first beards, boy were we proud, we thought we were men.  His mom had a little photo shoot with us. 

It was so good seeing him at Sherry's wedding.  I just wish we could have spent more time together.  I really liked his wife Noel, she was the greatest.  I knew he'd always marry a beauty, and she is inside and out.  Mike really enjoyed meeting them as well since I talked about ole Dave and our crazy antics as teenagers.  Miss you man.  Hope you had a great birthday.


Sherry's wedding May 22, 2005

Happy Belated birthday bud, hope we can make it up there and see you guys soon!


joolsinwa said...

Hot tamales! LOL

jeroldssis said...

You know, I spent 2 hours last night going through your journal, then your sister's, then your mom's...Wow!  I loved it!  I feel like I'm on the outside peeking into a really fun party with lots of great people.  Thanks for sharing everyone with us...and, just to let you know, everyday I can't wait to come here and check out what pictures you've got here now.  I'm trying to do the same with've inspired me!  Thanks again!


Oh, and P.S...I've listed your journal on mine as a favorite.  Thanks again!

redpoppy007 said...

you both look so the pics

tc01hm said...

Good friends are few and far between. I count mine on one hand. Enjoy your friend for he is family!

rivercitygirl1 said...

::Whistles::  You two still look like yourselves, very handsome.  I'm glad you kept your beard.  Goes great with the shave.  ;)

eggneck1 said...

WOW!  I forgot what I looked like when my hair actually had a color to it!  Thanks for the kind words.  Your friendship has ALWAYS meant the world to me.