Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Does anyone know if there is a study or some crazy website, that views your personality with what you watch on television.  I started thinking about it last night.  Mike loves Sci Fi, well I love it too.  The images on the tv screen captures our attention and we sit down to watch.  As we flip from channel to channel, is there any connection between what we decide to watch and what is in our heart?  Does our faith in Christ have anything at all to do with our tv choices.  Something to ponder.  I love fantasy shows, sci fi, but I also love those shows that touch your heart.  Why did they ever take off “Touched by and Angel”, I used to love my weekly cries on that show.  I love excitement and action, and yes I even watch some reality shows that are becoming larger than life.  Is there going to be a real life “Truman Show” coming out in the future?  There is also a lot of crap on tv, the standards are falling.  What affects our TV viewing habits?  I watch a show and have from the time it came out.  It’s not a show I would want my niece or nephews to watch with me, but for some reason I’ve been drawn to it.   “Six Feet Under”,  Mike however says this show disturbs him.   I’m not sure why I enjoy it so much.  Maybe because it plays with my mind so much.  I love philosophy.  There have been a few episodes that really bothered me or left me speechless.  It has surly pushed many buttons, but I’ve been a faithful watcher from inception.  This Sunday it comes to a close, and it’s about letting go.  Maybe it’s because it deals with death on so many levels that some people are scared of it.   Also the characters aren’t the most stable of people.  But then again we all have our burdens to bear.  The whole purpose of the show is to make people deal with those absolutely taboo subjects. It makes us uncomfortable; however, it makes us deal with what really goes on in our minds and lets us know that we're not all crazy.  It is sometimes a little warped, but I find some virtue in the show.  Sometimes I think they are going for a little shock value.  I’m not crazy about that.  I’ve always loved shows that make me think about life.  Maybe I need to meditate on this.  This entry isn’t going exactly the way I planned but oh well.  I was going to write on how many bad shows are on, instead went in a totally different direction.  Guess watching television is like character, it’s formed by making choices like television is with using the remote control.  Oh wow, I’m making quotes now.  J

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yakima127 said...

I was very hesitant to watch "Six Feet Under" the first time.  But, I had already become addicted to the A&E show "Family Plots" amd could not get enough of it!  I am sad I began watching this HBO series so late; in fact, I missed the entire 4th season and the first few episodes of season 5.  The rest I watched on DVD.  Tomorrow is the finale...I am so disappointed, but still eagerly awaiting it!  I hope that it doesn't mean anything as far as character goes, that I like these two shows...but, if it does, then "oh well!"  JAE