Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Only a few more answers and I'm through

Rebecca the person who I got this inspiration from and who I'm really enjoying her blog asks   Since I assume no tag backs are allowed, I think I can get away with asking a few questions of my own :o)
1) Have you always kept a journal or is an online journal your first?  I've kept one since Dec 11, 1979, that was my frst one when I turned 12.  I have about 15 other journals, This was my first blog.
2) What was the worst day of your life?  The day I lost someone that I loved.
3) What was the best day of your life? The day I was saved!

Have a great weekend!

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justaname4me2 said...

When I run into others who have journaled for a long time like I have. I always wonder, or ask. What do you plan to do with your journals? As in, have a burning party some day? Pass them on to loved ones? I wonder, with my multitude <uncountable> amount of journals, if much of it is something I would ever want people to read. I'm torn about what to do with them all.